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 I have wept with joy so many times today upon viewing the pictures of Kate. You captured her spirit and her beauty like no one else could do. The book is simply amazing. There are no words in our language that can truly express the impression it will leave on our family for generations to come. It is a great treasure that I will cherish always. I know when I'm old and alone this book will be my joy and what brings many smiles to my face as I thumb through the pages and remember the happy days of long ago. You are a Master of your craft. How fortunate are we to be blessed by your talent. The big portrait is on the wall in the living room and my only wish is that it were bigger!!! I would have them as big as movie screens if I could. Thank you so much for all of the time you spent in putting this collection together. You are so creative and you put the perfect quotes with each photo. Like I stated before, you are truly a great Master of your craft. Your work will long be left in this world inspiring others. From the bottom of my heart and with all the love I possess, thank you.
Catherine Rice - College Station

We love the pictures and the framing.  Very well done! We appreciate the extra touches on everything and the individual editing work plus putting the music video together.  We will definitely be advertising for you!
Lorie Honnas - Bryan
Texas Equine Hospital

They are absolutely beautiful!  I cannot thank you enough for providing us with a lifetime of beautiful memories of our baby girl.  We truly appreciate the work you do and your great spirit.
Dawn Morvant - Houston

MOST AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Who knew taking pictures could possibly be SO much fun. Best quality service and pictures. Beautiful moments weren't merely captured..... They were created! They say a picture is worth a thousand words ..... But my pictures are absolutely priceless!Thanks so much MARK SYKES!
Wendy Merkel - Bryan

Our relationship is going on 19 years!!!! You've photographed ALL 6 of my babies over the years; this year, a senior portrait and FINALLY….a family session!!! Each and every picture is SO special to me and I have them placed strategically all over the house….to this day they still make me smile and I can remember each photo shoot - followed you from your home on Carter Creek to Nantucket!! I think that I have shots from every studio you've owned!!! But today when you personally hung my gallery of photos for the dining room - I almost cried!!! The photos are UNBELIEVABLE and our relationship over the years makes them all the more special!!! Thanks for the beautiful masterpieces in my home Mark!!! They are a treasure!!!
Stephanie Cashion - College Station

After almost 12 years I still get so excited to see the photos that you create of our family. Saturday's session was no exception. I am so in love with that wonderful canvas you gifted to me, it means so much that you remembered a year later how much I adore that print. I am still trying to find just the right place for it! I've warned Justun that this means he will be doing a similar pose with the next baby!
Reina Bell - Houston

I absolutely love Tristyn's 3 month pictures! Mark you are so talented!
Carol Fisher - College Station

You're awesome! :) I have loved each and every picture you have ever taken of the boys.
Anna Fox - College Station

Alex loved her completed portraits, and so do we.  I know that we will treasure them for years to come.
Thanks again for a wonderful job on Alex’s senior photos!
Mary Beth Hueste - College Station

Hi Mark!!! Just wanted to let you know how very much our whole family LOVES the framed baseball print/article!!! WOW!!! What a special conversation piece in our home!!! (In fact, I have already invited 5 friends over tonight just to brag on you and your amazing talent... I can't stop!!)  Thank you so much, Mark!!! You are so extremely gifted in photography!! (I just had no idea what a tremendous chef and handyman you are, too, until today!)
Jenny Dalsing - College Station

I LOVE the pictures of Noah in the tub! So, so cute! And the Easter picture turned out beautiful as well!
Elizabeth Hay - Houston

WOW! Those pictures were all awesome, I don't know how I am ever going to choose! You definitely out do yourself every time!
Kandis Martinez - Bryan

I am beyond pleased!!!  They are amazing and the really cool part is now every time I go down my hall and see her pic it will remind me of you!!!  You are very good at what you do and I can not wait to get home and put them up!!!
Rhonda Bell - Dallas