Mark Sykes Photography | College Station Photographer Children


Children grow up fast!  Before you know it, your cute newborn is running around the house getting into everything and the next thing you know, they loose their first tooth, then they’re into sports or dance, and before you can focus, they are in high school, and you stop and think, where have all of the years gone?  What happened to Daddy’s little girl or Momma’s little boy?  Once we were the center of their life, and now, we are a mere pit stop on the way from one place to another. Through the years, there are amazing milestones; sitting up, taking their first steps, their first haircut, their first lost tooth, their first day of Kindergarden, 1st grade, middle school and then high school, their first Father/Daughter dance, their first game or dance recital, and on and on.  Don’t let these amazing times just be memories, treasure them forever with a Mark Sykes Portrait.  Because before you know it… they’ll be all grown up.