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Mark Sykes Photography, College Station, TX Mark_web I’m Mark Sykes and I’ve been blessed with creating cherished portraits of people for over 23 years. I’ve shared in the milestones of my clients from the birth of their first baby, to their toddler’s first steps, on to high school and college graduations.  It’s been a sojourn…an odyssey and I love it!  

In 2001, I was awarded the prestigious international designation of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) by The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) after completing a rigorous evaluation designed by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence and demonstrating a superior quality of consistency, technical skills, unique artistry, and professionalism in portraiture. In fact, there are only 117 CPPs in Texas. Working with a Certified Professional Photographer to create your portraits provides a level of confidence to our clients that is unsurpassed by “weekend shooters” and standard photographers (

There is nothing that can impact our emotions like a magnificent portrait.  Echoing back through the layers of color, we feel the love, the joy, the happiness. and the sounds that surrounded us at that very moment. We relive the tears of joy, we hear the laughter, and we smell the fragrances.  Treasured portraits have that kind of power.  We see it everyday.  From Time and Life magazine pictures to what we see in ads.  Photography stirs the souls, awakens the senses, and revitalizes our experiences.  We all try to remember the good times in our lives, but a portrait can bring back the full emotions in our hearts on that day.

Sadly, we often don’t take the time to create a memory professionally. Candids on Facebook or Tweets about the day are soon buried and forgotten.  A professional portrait, beautifully displayed in a special place in our home, continually touches our hearts and rekindles our memories.